The Artificial Turf Purchasing Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Terry Stricklin, SYNLawn Houston, OwnerDecember 19, 2019Uncategorized

Growing grass is one thing, but SYNLawn makes things easier with its artificial turf products. When it comes to acquiring artificial turf, you would want to know what you are getting yourself into. Whether it be a residential area or elsewhere for commercial use, the turf could improve the overall look of the place and benefit you in numerous ways.

It can seem like a bit of work looking into buying artificial turf, but the process is pretty straightforward. Below is a guide on how you should tackle this new chapter, which could be good for you or your business in the long run.


Location of Turf

First, consider where you would want artificial turf installed. An obvious place would be the lawn, but perhaps you would even want to put it on a roof deck or patio. Aesthetically, the turf would look much better than just concrete, including that of a pool deck. If you have a pet that needs somewhere to roam around, there are artificial grass pet solutions for that. Take note of the size of the pet for future reference. 

Artificial turf would also be safe for kids on a playground. And for adults who like to play golf, green putting is another area that one can take into account.



Before buying artificial turf, get a consultation, which would be free. To get information about applications, designs, and installations, get in touch with SYNLawn. The phone number for the Houston-based one is (832) 494-8333. Once you call that number, schedule for them to arrive at the location for which you are considering adding artificial turf. 

Once a representative examines the area, they would be able to talk to you about the design that they would have in mind, as well as how much it would cost. Contact SYNLawn regarding a free consultation via the “Contact” section of its website.


Think About the Benefits

After hearing the price, think over possible benefits that would make the turf installation worthwhile. Two-thirds of water consumption in America typically results from watering the lawn. The average water consumption by an American family is 320 gallons per day. Approximately 30% of that (or around 96 gallons) is used outdoors. Over 50% of that outdoor may go to watering the lawn. It seems like a lot of water to use, and that is just for a lawn alone. Imagine a larger area. 

With SYNLawn’s artificial turf, you would not need to worry so much about such maintenance as watering or planting. And it would certainly not make a good home for pests that one would normally found in grass. Plus, the artificial turf would be more durable, and you would not need to worry about grass stains.



Once you are confident about what you want and have an idea of what the price would be, then you are ready to go through with the artificial turf purchasing process. Also, check out the monthly specials on the SYNLawn website. For example, you might be able to get in on a maintenance package deal for cleaning or refreshing your turf, whether it be a lawn, pet area, or putting green. Whatever areas you have in mind for artificial turf installation, rest assured knowing it is covered by the professionals of SYNLawn.

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